We get the job done the right way the first time

  • In our business, we have many variables to deal with each and every day. Stay on task and don’t put off today’s work until tomorrow.

  • When a problem presents itself, think of some solutions then choose and apply the best one. Don’t be afraid to make a decision. This will grow your confidence as well as others around you.

  • Don’t leave your “monkey” with another co-worker. If it’s your monkey, handle it. Finding the right solution to eliminate the monkey is empowerment.

  • It’s easy to get off task in an open environment. It’s imperative to get back to it. Not finishing tasks and falling behind affects the entire company and its team.



We're accountable to ourselves, to each other and to our clients

  • At PMS we expect you to handle your business; take accountability for the good and the bad.

  • Take charge, take control and don’t be a victim. Keeping us all accountable enables us to refine our practices and processes.

  • Holding each other accountable in a respectful manner allows the company to grow and create additional opportunities.



We respect our clients’ time, values, property and boundaries

  • Follow the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. All of us want to be shown respect.

  • Strive to show respect even when respect is not shown to you. Hashing out problems with co-workers and customers. Respect will elevate the company’s success.

  • Respect the company’s resources, tools, office, yard and time. The longer we can make the resources last, the more profitable we are.

  • Respect company time. This is the company’s most valuable resource. All of us have many tasks to complete; be mindful and respectful of each others’ time.



Transparency and clarity with integrity

  • Be open and honest with clients and co-workers. Sometimes just a head’s up is all that is needed.

  • Communicate what you’re doing to do and follow-through. Do what you say you’re going to do. Ex: If you say you’ll call someone back in an hour, set a timer and do it. 

  • Many issues can be handled by proactively communicating.


Both personal and professional

  • Growth is internal and external. Growth is personal and professional. Team PMS is geared to grow and its employees are committed to grow in all of these areas.

  • Team PMS sets goals and meets those goals.

  • Team PMS keeps an open mind related to business operations. We may not always agree, but in any mind frame, we have our overall growth in mind.

  • The goal of our growth is so sustain ourselves and our families.

  • Growth brings purpose, both professionally and personally. We are a growth oriented company, changing every day. We employ people who are eager to learn, ready for what's next and excited for what's to come.




Steve DHondt, founder and CEO of PMS, has been in the hardscape business since 1994. As a teenager he was immersed in field observations and hands-on teamwork alongside icons in the hardscape industry. He quickly developed a passion for all aspects of brick paving. Steve’s experience guided him to establish Paver Maintenance Specialists at the age of 19, with the intention to make enough money to pay for college. As his company grew, so did his vision to install, build and maintain paver projects throughout Michigan. Through the years, the PMS brand has grown and become one of Michigan’s most trusted brick paving service providers. Steve and our PMS Team are true craftsmen. We are motivated and driven as this industry continues to evolve. We love to review projects and articulate solutions that produce better builds, resulting in enjoyment, safety and the return of property investment. Thank you for choosing PMS.



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