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Kelly's Brick Paver Patio

Listen to Kelly's experience with PMS Brick Pavers in her own words!

"Hi, my name is Kelly, welcome to our home in Southfield! We had a large brick paver patio put in the summer by PMS Brick Pavers, and as you can see we really enjoy it! It's a large space - we have room for entertaining, and we had the pillars put in with the under mounted lights, so it gives a nice ambience in the evening. And what we really like is our fire pit. We had them build this out special for us and we're out here all the time haven't really makes fires in the evening. We expect to be doing that well into the fall."

"Being able to go into the PMS Brick Pavers showroom was a huge plus for us. To be able to see everything laid out and walk around and have Duane host us through the whole process, that was a big reason that we chose PMS brick pavers. We really liked Duane, and we really liked to be able to see what we are getting, besides just having it be in a catalog."

"We had several other quotes that we took from other companies, but as soon as Rick and I sat down with Duane we knew right away we wanted to use him because he was so personable, and he really got a feel of what we wanted out here. We have a small space, we don't have a lot of room to work with, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do and he took care of us right from the beginning so it was kind of a no-brainer we went with them right away."

"Once they started to do the work it was an amazing process to watch. They were in and out in two days, they were super clean, they were really polite they were really friendly, we had a good time with them while they were here and they just worked so hard. We had a small cement slab here and all of this was grass, so they built all of this from scratch in two days which I thought was totally amazing and we just couldn't be happier. We're out here every day."

"So if you're thinking about having some outside work done on your house I would highly recommend PMS brick pavers. Really go through all the steps and get the quotes that you want from everybody else, I think you're going to end up with PMS because they're so great, but don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. We didn't know what we didn't know out here so we were asking questions off-the-cuff and on the fly, and Duane was just right there with the answers. Make sure you ask all the right questions and make sure that you get who you want to do the work because at the end of the day after you go through all those quotes you're probably going to end up with PMS Brick Pavers."

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