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Why We're the Original Paver Maintenance Specialists

When it comes to brick paver patio sealer, no one comes close to PMS Brick Pavers - that's why We're The Guys!

When we seal your patio, we use our own patented clean, sand and seal process that protects your patio from the elements, foot and car traffic, and all sorts of wear and tear. We use twice the amount of sealer as our competitors, which gives you twice the protection for twice as long.

First, PMS will power wash and remove any weeds and debris from your patio. Then we add sand and begin the sealing process with rollers and brushes, liberally applying sealer to the entirety of your patio.

Our proprietary Platinum Sealer binds with the sand we expertly lay down between each brick and cures to form an invisible layer of protective concrete. This keeps out weeds and other plants, as well as helps to keep the level and shape of your brick paver patio.

It is extremely important to protect your investment when you have a brick paver patio, driveway, or walkway, as regular sealing will increase the beauty and longevity of your brick, and can prevent it from becoming broken and uneven.

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Sep 30, 2020

Beautiful work PMS team!

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